Name: Jéssica Salomão Lourenção
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 08/04/2019

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Elcio Cassimiro Alves Advisor *

Examining board:

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Adenilcia Fernanda Grobério Calenzani Internal Examiner *
Antônio Macário Cartaxo de Melo External Examiner *
Elcio Cassimiro Alves Advisor *

Summary: The use of steel profiles of tubular sections for filled composite columns is an
interesting solution for civil construction. This type of profile, due to its geometric shape,
presents great resistance to the soliciting forces in general, having three types of crosssections,
rectangular, square and circular, with or without longitudinal reinforcement.
In Brazil, the design of concrete filled steel tube is covered by NBR 8800:2008,
however, considering that the tubular profiles have certain peculiarities, the Brazilian
Association of Technical Standards published the NBR 16239:2013 in order to present
more accurate calculations for these types of profiles. In Europe, the design is covered
only by EN 1994-1-1:2004. Thus, in order to reduce costs, in general, due to the
existing load, it is desired to define an optimum geometry. In this way, this work aims
to gather the criteria for the elaboration of a software with graphical interface that will
realize the optimal dimensioning of concrete filled steel tube using Matlab software
under the prescriptions of NBR 8800:2008, NBR 16239:2013 and EN-1994-1-1:2004.
The optimization methods used were deterministic algorithms, using the Inner Method
and Sequential Quadratic Programming Method, and probabilistic algorithm, using the
Genetic Algorithm Method. The results found in the software developed demonstrated
that the Inner Method and the Sequential Quadratic Programming Method obtained
the lowest costs while the results found for the Genetic Algorithm Method were
relatively higher due to the use of tubular profile catalogs.

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